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1. An owner refuses to accept a full-price offer in exact accordance with an exclusive listing. A proper action would be the:

D. Broker suing for the commission.

2. An agent was entitled to a commission for a sale made after his or her listing expired. The reason was

B. There was a Holdover Clause.

3. A real estate purchase contract would be least likely to contain a.

A. Insurance clause.

4. Private listings require:

D. The signature of the owner.

5. Procuring cause would be most important to a broker in the case of a.

A. Open listing.

6. An agreement that need not be in writing is a:

C. Non- Binding

7. The “as is” clause should provide a right of the purchaser to:

D. Purchasing the property with no home inspection, or warranty regarding the condition of the property

8. The commission set forth in the listing differs from the commission set forth in the purchase contract signed by the owner and agent. The commission to be paid would be:

B. The commission set forth in the purchase contract.

9. An acceptance varies from the offer as to the closing date. This is:

A. A counter offer.

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